Fight for the Future Offers $15K for Full-Time Anti-Trump Activists


Fight for the future is offering to pay people to be full time anti-Trump activists…

Fight for the Future’s website is offering to pay people to create grassroots activist groups to protest Donald Trump and his policies on a full time basis. Political groups could make up to $15,000 in their first month! If this doesn’t have George Soros written all over it, I don’t know what does!

From Breitbart:

The website encourages people to create political groups and become full-time grassroots political activists, offering the possibility of funding to these groups, allowing them to turn their activism into a paying job.

You can call Congress, or attend a protest. And you should. But is that it? Why stop there? Why set aside everything you’ve learned, everything you are, to be simply one more terrified person on a phone line, or marching in a street?

  • What if you did the following, as well?
    • Find someone you love to work with.
    • Pick an issue area and angle.
    • Do activism full-time using every connection, skill, tool, and trick at your disposal—until you win.

Our goal: to convince you to take exactly these steps, give you a playbook, and then potentially fund you.

Further down the page, however, the funding description becomes slightly less promising: “To start, we’re going to select some of the strongest teams for funding. So if you’ve got a 2-3 person A-Team and a target, you should apply. We’d potentially give you $15,000 for the first month, just to see what you can do.” The website states that the group would “potentially” pay out $15,000 for the first month and continues to say, “If you make a big splash or measurable impact on your target in that time, we think we can find you more.” Essentially, none of the funding for this project is guaranteed.

The jerks who actually participate in these protests obviously don’t have the funds to pay. They’re making money to cause trouble and block roads. Why aren’t they contributing something meaningful in our country instead of this destructive stuff?

So you want to resist making your country great? That is so illogical. You want to march around repeating chants? That is so unintelligent. You want to vilify Russia after Obama trusted them to remove Syria’s chemical weapons? That’s so irrational. Your actions are evidence that liberals and democrats are unfit to lead.

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