He Duct Taped A Cotton Ball Inside His Ear And Left It There Overnight For A Brilliant Reason


Vicks Vaporub is  a miracle worker! He taped a cotton ball inside of his son’s ear and left it overnight for a brilliant reason!

There’s a little secret that you may not know… Vicks Vaporub is amazing and it has a plethora of uses other than being a cough suppressant. Some people use this stuff for everything! Sore muscles, aromatherapy, ear aches, mosquito repellent, alleviate acne, cracked heals, toenail fungus, athletes feet, the list goes on!

From awm:

If you have an earache, stick a cotton ball with VapoRub in your ear, and seal with with some tape.  This will reduce inflammation and help it heal. I’ve tried this with my son just last month. It is not to be used instead of a doctor visit, but it was useful to alleviate some of the pain with his earache.

If you have a migraine, apply some to your temples to ease the pain. If you have neck pain, apply some there too!  The menthol helps soothe muscles and it can really make you feel better fast.

You can also cure toenail fungus with this stuff!  Just apply overnight. Just look at the photos here and see how useful this treatment was for people with feet problems.

There are so many great uses for this product. What have you used Vaporub for and how did it work for you? Please share below. And don’t forget to share this with someone who could use it’s benefits.

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