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ISIS Is Fleeing Dressed as Women. The Army Is Posting Their Photos and It’s Hilarious


Those cowards in ISIS are fleeing Iraq dressed as women and the army caught these great photos! Hahaha!

ISIS was able to create hell freely when Obama, who didn’t even want to mention their name, was president. Well, that suspicious tactic is now long gone and President Trump is here to tell them that they are losers and they’re going down! Check out just how far they’ve fallen…

From IJR:

However, after the recent fall of their stronghold in Mosul, ISIS is fleeing. In surrender and retreat, the true colors of the ISIS fighter are beginning to show, and those colors are fabulous.

As the towns they brutally controlled get liberated one by one, ISIS fighters are disguising themselves as women to escape Iraqi Security Forces. The disguises involve garish amounts of makeup and dressing in women’s clothing. The once brutish, masculine fighters who would have oppressed and killed any man who cross-dressed are now fleeing like drag queens at the end of a sloppy night.

It’s safe to say none of these Isis Fighters would win the local drag competition and the Iraqi Army is making sure of it. Iraqi Security forces have made a practice of releasing photographs of any ISIS fighter they find cross-dressing attempting to retreat with the civilian population.

Let’s just say the photos don’t match masculine ISIS branding:

Hahaha! This is the greatest thing I’ve seen all day! You’d think that they’d at least shave the facial hair… That totally gave you away guys… I mean queens…

Amazing how they have problems with gays, cross dressers, and trans, but not when it “suits” their purpose! Typical cowards. Brave when they think they have the upper hand, but a bunch of punks when they have lost their power.

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