Maxine Waters Says She Will Run For President If….


California Democratic Representative, Maxine Waters says that she’ll run for president if the millennials want her…

The Daily Caller spoke to Maxine Waters on Thursday about her appearance in New Hampshire. She assured them that the appearance had nothing to do with her running for president but that she would be willing to run if the millennials wanted her.

“I’m just going up to do a county Democratic thing. That’s all,” she said.

When TheDC pressed further, Waters, an outspoken critic of President Donald Trump, said laughing, “I’m not running for anything but my own seat. I don’t have any presidential aspirations. If the millennials want me to do it, I’d do it, though.”

The California Democrat, who is in her 14th term representing a large swath of south central Los Angeles, has previously called for Trump’s impeachment.

 “Mr. Speaker, my position against this president and his administration is clear. I oppose this president. I do not honor this president. I do not respect this president,” Waters said during a floor speech.
Run, Maxine run! You are the true face of the Democratic party today…Can’t wait for you to announce your candidacy! Also, make Pelosi or Sanders your running mate. What a perfect Team!
Imagine the unintentional comedy of a Maxine Waters campaign speech combined with the easy win for Trump. I love the idea! Hahaha!

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