WTF? MSNBC’s Malcolm Nance Call for ISIS to Bomb Trump Building. Will They FIRE Him?

Will Malcolm Nance be facing any consequences for calling on ISIS to bomb Donald Trumps building?

Terrorism analyst Malcolm Nance of MSNBC sent out a tweet that said, “This is my nominee for first ISIS suicide bombing of a Trump property” referencing another tweet about the Trump Tower in Istanbul, Turkey. Of course, the tweet didn’t stay up very long, but this is the internet so you know someone got a screen shot of it:

The Washington Times reported that as of late Wednesday morning there was no apology from Nance for his call for ISIS to bomb a Trump building. The Times also reported the Trump building in Istanbul is not owned by Trump, but that he licensed his name for the mixed use property that has business and residential occupancy.

This guy is exactly the reason we have the division in this country. His feelings are hurt because President Trump’s military bombed ISIS and now he’s calling for mass murder?

Will MSNBC fire this man for saying such idiotic things referencing the president? Let us know what you think in the comments. I think that MSNBC will give the guy his own show if he doesn’t have one already because they’re a liberal biased media channel who spews nothing but crap..



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