Rogue Electors WILL NOT Vote For Trump

Ever since Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the presidential election, whiny liberals have been demanding that electors refuse to vote for him even if he won their state. Now, many electors have submitted to this ridiculous liberal agenda, and they are reportedly close to coming to a consensus of which other candidate they will throw their votes towards.

According to Politico, the Democrat electors are close to agreeing to throwing all their votes towards Ohio Governor John Kasich, who electors say is increasingly seen as the most acceptable Republican alternative to electors on both sides of the aisle. The electors have pointed out that Kasich beat Trump in the Ohio primary, and that his approval ratings remain high in the state.

“Many Electors are saying that Gov. John Kasich would be best for our country. A consensus is beginning to form that Gov. Kasich would be best positioned to unite America,” said Colorado elector Micheal Baca.

It’s unclear whether or not Kasich would even accept the support of the electors if they give it to him.

“There’s no question Trump won enough votes in the states to receive over 270 votes when the members of the Electoral College meet,” said Kasich’s top political adviser, John Weaver, when asked what will happen if some electors might vote for Kasich. “I’m sure the [Electoral College] will affirm this when it gathers later this month.”

Though advocates for the electors bid to steal the presidency from Trump have been in close contact with Hillary Clinton’s campaign, her team has refused to say anything publicly about the situation.

Frankly, we find it sickening that the bid to steal the presidency from Trump has even come this far. SHARE this story if you think these idiots need to GIVE UP and ACCEPT that Trump won fair and square!


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