DISGRACE: Texas sheriff should be REMOVED from office after what she’s just done


One liberal Texas sheriff should lose her position after what she just did in rebellion to upholding immigration laws!

Liberals are infiltrating Texas in hopes of turning the state blue to help their agenda succeed when it’s election time. There is one Sheriff in Texas whom liberals are praising. What for? Because she refuses to work with ICE and uphold the laws she’s SUPPOSED to stand for .

From The Statesman:

Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents filed a detainer request with the Travis County Jail for 33-year-old Julio Cesar Mendoza-Caballero on June 16, the agency said in a news release on Tuesday. The same day, authorities at the jail released Mendoza-Caballero from custody without alerting ICE, federal officials said. ICE agents took Mendoza-Caballero back into custody on Friday in Austin for illegally reentering the United States.

[…] According to Travis County Jail records, Mendoza-Caballero was booked into the facility in June on a misdemeanor charge of assault causing bodily injury and a city ordinance violation. Authorities at the jail also confirmed that an ICE detainer was filed on him when he was arrested.

Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez became a political lightning rod earlier this year when she announced that she would not cooperate with all federal immigration detainers filed at the jail. Hernandez’s policy on detainers said she would only comply with the requests under certain circumstances, limiting to honor those related to a handful of serious charges. The policy created significant tensions between the sheriff’s office and ICE.

In January, federal officials told two magistrate judges they would target Austin in a major immigration operation that was in part retribution for Hernandez’s policy on detainers. The operation resulted in the arrest of 51 people.”

Why in the world aren’t we holding these people who keep breaking their oaths of office accountable? At least remove them from office and arrest them if they are breaking laws. Hernandez needs to be arrested for not only aiding and abetting fugitives but for NOT enforcing our laws and harboring federal fugitives.

She is a duly elected official and it would be up to the voters in Travis County to remove her from office. They apparently don’t care enough about their county or state to do so. It’s time to vote her out of there!

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