Woman Who Wore Fake Penis, Tricked Blindfolded Friend Into Having Sex With Her Will Be Going To Jail


A British woman is going to jail for 6.5 years for pretending to be a man and sleeping with her blindfolded friend, wearing a strap on penis.

Seriously… I couldn’t make this one up if I tried! 27-year-old Gayle Newland created a fake Facebook account, pretending to be a man named Kyle Fortune. “Kyle” became Newland’s friend’s boyfriend over the internet. Newland kept this charade up for so long because every time they met, her friend was blindfolded.

Ok… I have lots of questions and I’m sure you do too. We’ll cover those at the end.

From Fox News:

Newland duped her friend by creating a Facebook page when she was 15 years old to take on the male persona, putting photos of an American man on there to make it more believable.

The friend said in court she was unaware Newland was Fortune because she was always wearing a blindfold when they met. Newland would then wear a strap-on prosthetic penis when they had sex.

“There was no point until the day I took the blindfold off that I thought for one second that a woman was the person behind this,” the friend said in court.

She added that she never would have consented to having sex with Newland if she knew it was her supposed friend. The friend also said she was blindfolded when the pair were hanging out.

Ok… About the victim. Who wears a blindfold when hanging out with and sleeping with someone you met ONLINE?? I’d be suspect if I wasn’t aloud to see your face. She could have been sleeping with some old pervert or a pimp who wanted to put her into the sex slave trade… No joke.

Not that what her friend did was right at all. That was super weird and wrong. But come on! Blindfolded?? How did they communicate? Did they hang out and meet silently and blindfolded? I just can’t wrap my mind around this one! Tell us what you think in the comments below…

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